Nic DePaula

Nic Depaula

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity

What brought you to the CTG UAlbany?

I am currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in information science at the University at Albany.

I came to CTG UAlbany in a project for the NYS Chief Data Officer to survey and understand data maturity levels, data governance and data management practices across New York state government.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG UAlbany?

I have pursued academic degrees in geography and urban planning, worked for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and SUNY's Center for International Development.

I have also lectured at UAlbany in data analytics and philosophy of information.

What are your plans/goals for the future?

I plan to continue my research and writing in data science and teaching about the important information and technology issues of our times.

How can CTG UAlbany help you reach your goal for the future?

Working with CTG UAlbany I think will provide significant insights about data management practices in New York State government, data governance more broadly as well as qualitative research techniques, all of which will help me to grow intellectually and hopefully also open doors for continued work in this field.