CTG Congratulates Two Valued Graduate Assistants on Receiving their PhDs from the University at Albany

May 15, 2009

Lei and Bahadir, PhDBahadir Akcam (middle left) and Lei Zheng (middle right) standing with their dissertation chairs, Anthony Cresswell, CTG interim director, and Sharon Dawes, CTG senior fellow.

Two of CTG's long-time graduate assistants received their PhDs this week from the University at Albany - SUNY. Lei Zheng received his in Public Administration and Policy and Bahadir Akcam in Information Science.

Lei returns to his native China as assistant research professor at the E-Government Research Center of the China National School of Administration (NSA) in Beijing. There, he will continue to work on research associated with his dissertation – leadership in cross-boundary information sharing initiatives – as well as on projects to define and evaluate e-government performance in China’s diverse government organizations. As he did while working at CTG for the past several years, Lei will continue to serve as the liaison between NSA and CTG on joint research and education initiatives.

Bahadir will leave CTG at the end of the summer to start as assistant professor in the School of Business of Western New England College in Springfield, Massachusetts. He will teach business information systems courses and will continue to do research associated with his dissertation – socio-technical processes in information technology development – and other research topics including mobile technologies, project management, and organization culture. Bahadir participated in several different research projects while at CTG and he also used data and findings from two CTG research projects in his dissertation. He plans to continue developing research and education initiatives between the Turkish government and CTG, as he did while working at CTG.