Meghan Cook

Meghan Cook

Program Director


  • Digital transformation and technology adoption in municipal, state, federal, and international governments
  • Informing public sector policies & programs
  • County & municipal government IT
  • International Community Building
  • Smart and Intelligent Communities
  • Mobile government
  • Open government

Brief Bio

Meghan leads innovation initiatives that build capability in public sector organizations and agencies throughout the world.

Through a unique and collaborative process, she works side-by-side with international, federal, state and local government leaders to produce new knowledge and actionable results.

With over 22 years of experience working on public sector innovation efforts, she is considered an expert in digital government transformation.

Some of her current and recent projects include:

  • leading an interdisciplinary expert team from CTG, UAlbany’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS), and UAlbany’s College of Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security (CEHC) to enhance the NYS Board of Elections ability to identify and address potential threats to the integrity of voter registration data. 
  • leading a multi-agency initiative for the NYS Thruway Authority and NYS Department of Transportation to identify the legal, infrastructure, management, outreach, workforce, cybersecurity, and data considerations in advancing NYS’s intelligent transportation efforts. 
  • leading four Capital Region cities in developing code enforcement data and problem property owner sharing platform for the purposes of fighting blight (funded by the NYS Department of State)

Meghan has published numerous research and practice articles detailing how organizational capabilities, information policies, management practices, and technology choices intersect to shape government operations and services.

She also serves as a reviewer for journals and conferences and presides in many advisory roles.

She is a speaker and facilitator, who has delivered over 250 thought-leadership and strategy development sessions for government leaders all over the world, including:

  • Metropolitan Information Exchange (MIX) Annual Conference 
  • NYS Local Government IT Directors (NYSLGITDA) Annual Conference 
  • US Smart Cities Council Annual Summit 
  • International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government in Krems, Austria
  • New York State’s IT Leadership Academy, in Albany
  • Major Cities of Europe Smarter Cities Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • European Commission’s ePractice Series
  • Smart Cities Week in Washington DC
  • Port Alegre, Brazil’s Digital Democracy Summit
  • Federal Government of Nigeria’s Open Government Launch
  • Moscow’s International Conference on Open Government
  • Mexico’s Annual Government Innovation Forum

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Selected Publications

  • Cook, Meghan, (2018) Top Seven Challenges Facing Local Governments in the Digital Age, Municipal Matters Magazine (NYCOM), Fall 2018  
  • De Tuya, M., Cook, M.E., Sutherland, M., Luna-Reyes, L., (2016) Information Requirements to Create Public Value: Sharing Information and Opening Data to Address Urban Blight, Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy
  • Cook, M., Werthmuller, D., Sutherland, M. and Yang, H. (2015) Understanding the Code Enforcement Information Environment in the City of Schenectady, New York.
  • Cook, Meghan E., Closs, H. and Helbig, N. (2015) Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Enterprise Asset Management Program: A Public Value Perspective for Strategic Planning and Management. Albany, NY: Center for Technology In Government.
  • De Tuya, M., Cook, M., Sutherland, M., Luna-Reyes, L., (2015) IT Governance at the Local Level: Challenges and Strategic Recommendations, Government Information Quarterly.
  • Cresswell, A., Cook, M. E. & Helbig, N., (2015). Valuing Public Value. Putting Public Value to Work: A Framework for Public Management Decision Making, (Chapter XIII, pp. 204-219). Danbury, CT: Westchester Publishing Services.
  • Cook, Meghan, Mark LaVigne, Christina Pagano, Sharon Dawes, and Theresa Pardo. Making A Case for Local E-Government. Albany, NY: Center for Technology in Government, 2002.
  • Cook, Meghan E. (2011). Open Government and Public Value: Conceptualizing a Portfolio Assessment Tool. Albany, NY: Center for Technology in Government.
  • Cook, Meghan E. Delivering Public Value Through Transparency. A Guide to Owning Transparency: How Federal Agencies can Implement and Benefit from Transparency, Open Form Foundation (online publication). October 2011.

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  • Master of Science in Education, 2002, University at Albany, State University of New York
  • Master of Public Administration, 1996, University at Albany, State University of New York