Vivek Varma

Vivek Varma Konduru

Applications Developer


  • Machine Learning
  • Visualization and Dashboards
  • Web Development

Brief Bio

As Applicatons Developer, Vivek Varma Konduru drives the end-to-end development of data and machine learning products at the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany (CTG UAlbany). From requirements gathering and data discovery to modeling and visualization, Vivek Varma collaboratively oversees the entire life cycle of data from idea to action. In this role, he combines his passion for data science and uses it for impact and social equity.

Prior to this, Vivek Varma was at Kantar helping global organizations in telecom, retail, and FMCG leverage data for commercial impact. During his stint, he led various data science initiatives and large-scale innovation programs to enable the decision-making process for executives providing actionable recommendations through data storytelling.