Anthony Cresswell Honored with NYS Forum Award for Excellence in Government Information

Sept. 17, 2009

Tony CresswellPaul Maguire, incoming chair of the Forum's Executive Council, congratulating Anthony Cresswell on receiving The Forum's Award for Excellence in Government Information

Every year, The NYS Forum recognizes an individual whose work has definitively contributed to the overall improvement of government information services in New York State. This year's award was presented to Anthony Cresswell, deputy director at CTG. The following are remarks made by Paul Maguire, incoming chair of the Forum's Executive Council, in presenting presenting this year's award:

The NYS Forum annually recognizes an individual with the Award for Excellence for what are readily identifiable contributions and achievements beyond their peers. Recipients of this award in recent years included Bob Freeman, Paul Fisk, Nancy Mulholland, and Mike Mittleman, names I’m sure are familiar to you and to most in New York’s IT community and beyond.

This year, we recognize an individual whose contributions have been both of substance and continuity, Dr. Anthony Cresswell.

Tony has been at the University at Albany since 1979 and prior to that served on the faculties of Northwestern University and Carnegie-Mellon University.

During his tenure at SUNY Tony joined the Center for Technology and Government (CTG) in 1994 as a senior research fellow and since then has served as Deputy and Interim Director of the Center for Technology and Government. In his various leadership positions with CTG, and currently as Deputy Director, Tony has afforded strong and frequent support and enlightened presentations to Forum members. His recent works on IT investment return and knowledge transfer have been particularly relevant to Forum leadership and members. More importantly, for a number of years Tony has been integral to The Forum’s program development in a variety of areas and central to important milestones in our history. Tony was very much involved and provided vital guidance and counsel to Forum leadership during its recent transition.

Of greatest visibility in recent months Tony provided the essential continuity of leadership for CTG as it went through the process of leadership transition from Sharon Dawes to Theresa Pardo. That continuity of leadership resulted in a strengthening of the relationship between CTG and The Forum and provided a foundation and framework for initiatives that will be emerging in the coming year.

It is with great pleasure that I present this year’s Annual Award for Excellent to Dr. Anthony Cresswell.