Theresa Pardo presents paper on cross-boundary information sharing at ICEG 2009 Conference in Boston

Nov. 10, 2009

Theresa Pardo was a recent presenter at the 5th International Conference on e-Government (ICEG 2009), held in Boston, MA at Suffolk University. The paper, Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities in Government Cross-Boundary Information Sharing Initiatives: Identifying the Determinants, is based on findings from CTG’s National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project, Modeling Information Integration Initiatives.

As part of this NSF-funded project, CTG researchers have identified the factors which influence clarity of roles and responsibilities in cross-boundary information sharing initiatives. These findings are based on data from eight case studies of U.S. state and local government public health and criminal justice information initiatives. The paper discusses how "exercise of authority," "the diversity of participating organizations," and "past experiences" affect clarity of roles and responsibilities in information sharing efforts that cross the boundaries of governmental organizations.

“This paper fills in a gap in what we know about the determinants of clarity of roles and responsibilities in multi-organizational information sharing initiatives. Few previous studies have attempted to understand which factors influence how clarity of roles and responsibilities is created in these types of efforts,” said Pardo, director of CTG and lead author of the paper.

Co-authors of the paper included, G. Brian Burke, J. Ramon Gil-Gracia, and Ahmet Guler. A full list of papers and results from CTG’s MIII project can be found at:

ICEG 2009 provided the opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and academics from around the world to present their research findings, work in progress and conceptual advances in any branch of e-Government.