CTG Launches Redesigned New York State Broadband Speed Test Website

April 5, 2013

CTG recently re-launched the New York State Broadband Speed Test Website with a new design and enhanced features for visitors to explore a wealth of information on broadband availability throughout the state. The upgrades are the first major changes to the site since it first launched in 2010. The goal of the updated website is to give residents an improved speed test tool, and guidance on how to navigate and find information on the NYS Broadband Map through a set of video tutorials.

NYS Speedtest Home Page“The upgraded features of the website enhance the citizen's experience by providing them with more options to learn about the state’s broadband map,” said Donna Canestraro, program manager at CTG. “Together, the speed test website, tutorials, and broadband map can help drive citizen engagement and potentially economic growth and ultimately provide more opportunities for New York State.”

On the new website, New York residents are now able to test their broadband speeds using a new test tool, Ookla, which works on more platforms and systems. The new speed test gives consumers additional information about the quality of their broadband connections and helps create awareness about the importance of broadband quality in accessing content and services over the internet. NYS may use data collected from the test to analyze broadband quality and availability on a geographic basis across the state.

The new website also makes an easier connection to New York State’s statewide map that shows broadband availability in every community. Residents are encouraged to participate in the mapping process by finding their home on the map and verifying the accuracy of the broadband information. Using the easy to fill out form, residents can help NYS make the map as accurate as possible. The map information can help policy makers increase broadband Internet access and adoption in NYS in ways that support economic growth, job creation, and improved education, health care, and public safety.

The new site also encourages visitors to go the map and explore its many features and layers of information, which contains a wealth of visual information on broadband availability throughout the State. Visitors can view the data from the broadest perspectives or drill down to precise details. Seven brief demonstration tutorials on selected highlights along with links to the map itself, help visitors understand various ways to explore the map.

Tutorial topics include:

  • Find all the broadband providers for your address and their advertised speed packages.
  • Compare your town, village, city or county to others in the state.
  • Display broadband availability by service type, no service areas, advertised download speeds, and more.
  • See broadband adoption patterns by clicking on multiple indicators for low broadband adoption.
  • Display public feedback layers and understand their use.
  • Report an unserved address.
  • Download free data sets.

We welcome feedback on the new website!