CTG Welcomes Visiting Scholar from the University of São Paulo

Sept. 25, 2013

Cláudio Sonáglio Albano

Cláudio Sonáglio Albano with Natalie Helbig, senior research associate and Claudio’s mentor during his time at CTG.

CTG welcomes Cláudio Sonáglio Albano from the University of São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil as a CTG Visiting Scholar. Cláudio is a lecturer and PhD student in Business Administration and will be using his time at CTG to conduct research to complete his degree. Specifically, he is focusing on: Open government data: a value chain model proposal.

Cláudio’s current work aligns well with the Center’s recent work in opening government and data. He is looking to answer the question: How does greater knowledge about the activities developed along the value chain of making government data more open add value so that government initiatives driven by open data can be more effective? Claudio’s study will focus on identifying and describing the activities developed along the value chain of open government data.

According to Cláudio, “It is important that open government data (OGD) initiatives are effective and achieve their goals. These initiatives consume important government resources, and OGD initiatives are becoming a common strategy for governments to respond to pressure from civil society to be more transparent and to manage public resources better. ”

“Over the course of his three month visit, we anticipate that CTG, the University of São Paulo, and the University at Albany will all benefit significantly from the collaboration,” noted Ramon Gil-Garcia, CTG’s recently hired Director of Research.

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