CTG Welcomes Nine University at Albany Graduate Assistants and Interns for Spring Semester

Feb. 19, 2014

CTG is excited to welcome nine University at Albany Graduate Assistants and Interns from an array of backgrounds and disciplines for the spring semester. The students come to CTG through various UAlbany academic programs, but all have in common an interest in the intersection of policy, management, and technology in government.

Our graduate assistant and internship programs engage UAlbany graduate and undergraduate students in CTG’s portfolio of innovative and cutting edge applied research and practice projects. Students are provided a unique educational and work experience as they build strong foundations for their careers in research and practice.

Student Interns

Orientation session for interns from UAlbany's College of Computing and Information with Derek Werthmuller and Jim Costello.

Here's a quick introduction to our students. For more information on their backgrounds and interests, click on their names.

Tara Hariprasad is a Senior, majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology in the School of Arts and Sciences. This is Tara's second semester at CTG working on outreach with the National Youth in Transition Database project.

Jonathan Stricoff is a Senior at the University at Albany majoring in accounting with a minor in business. Jon is developing various financial tools to support CTG’s budget and financial management process. The tools will be used to track information and data that can be used for developing different models to forecast CTG’s state and research foundation sponsored project revenue for fiscal year budgeting, thus improving the Center’s financial and portfolio management process.

Cameron Dublin is a Junior at the University at Albany at the College of Computing and Information, majoring in information science. His focus at CTG is working on outreach for the Community Anchor Institutions Broadband Project.

Greg Venech is a senior at UAlbany majoring in information science at the College of Computing & Information, with a minor in art. This is Greg's second semester at CTG. In his first semester, Greg completed an Alumni Map as part of CTG's 20th Anniversary web pages.

Ping Li is a graduate student at UAlbany majoring in Information Science, with a concentration in Information System and Technology. She is assisting CTG on projects that involve transforming big datasets into meaningful visualizations based on sound information architecture and usability principles.

Seth Lasky is a Senior at the University at Albany at the College of Computing and Information. He has been focusing on database query applications that support the Center's work, both in traditional SQL databases along with NoSQL options such as XML and graph databases.

Dan McKenna is a Senior at the University at Albany at the College of Computing and Information. Dan is part of the data visualization team at CTG working on better ways to understand, manipulate, and present data.

Kareem Ullah is a Senior at the University at Albany majoring in Information Science with minor in Computer Science. His work at the Center involves mapping data to better understand relationships and provide better government services.

Hanyu Yang is a Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy student working on her Master of Public Administration in Non-profit Management and Information Management (Expected May 2015). Hanyu will be assisting on the City of Schenectady code enforcement project.

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