CTG Welcomes Distinguished Government Fellows

March 10, 2015

The Center for Technology in Government welcomes Mr. Ronald L. Greenberg and Dr. Norman J. Jacknis to the CTG’s Government Fellows program.

Ron GreenbergMr. Ronald L. Greenberg is currently a Senior Adviser at the government relations firm Brown & Weinraub, PPLC. For almost 20 years he was an innovator in government using private sector best practices to transform inefficient and ineffective state business processes. The transformation models he designed fundamentally changed the fabric of state government, including the statewide strategy for an enterprise-wide shared services program, the architect of the most significant restructuring of technology services across New York State agencies. As one of CTG’s Government Fellows, Mr. Greenberg is collaborating on new research and practice publications in the area of leadership and IT enterprise governance.

Norm JacknisDr. Norman J. Jacknis is currently Senior Fellow at both the Intelligent Community Forum and the National Association of Counties. He brings many years of experience as both Director of CISCO’s IBSG Public Sector Group and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Westchester County, New York. As CIO, Dr. Jacknis was responsible for Westchester’s technology, analytics, Internet and broadband activities, as well as technology-based economic development and led the county to win numerous awards. As a CTG Government Fellow, Dr. Jacknis is collaborating on new research and practice publications in the areas of smart cities and open government.

“Norm and Ron have tremendous expertise borne from many years of experience driving innovations in government. Their partnerships with CTG through our Government Fellows Program ensures that their unique experiences and perspectives can continue to inform the efforts of those also seeking to transform government through information and technology based innovations.” said Theresa Pardo, Director of CTG.

Greenberg and Jacknis join Mr. Alan Kowlowitz, who has been a CTG Government Fellow for the past four years.

Alan KowlowitzMr. Kowlowitz brings 32 years of experience with the New York State Archives and the Office for Technology (OFT) to CTG. During his tenure with both the State Archives and OFT, he had extensive experience working with local governments on electronic records and e-government issues. As a CTG Government Fellow, Mr. Kowlowitz has participated in the Center’s Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded project to define the role of public libraries in open government and CTG’s effort to design an electronic content management strategy for the NYS Division of Homes and Community Renewal. Alan has also authored or edited a number of CTG publications focused on electronic records management, information sharing, and access to government information. He is presently a consultant with the New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC) within its Information Security practice.

As Government Fellows, Greenberg, Jacknis, and Kowlowitz have contributed to or co-authored several CTG publications, including the following:

  • Combating Financial Crisis with Government Transformation: The NYS Shared Services Experience. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (2014). This paper was nominated for a best paper award.
  • Six Lessons for Mayors. CTG Issue Brief (2014).
  • Government Information Sharing: A Planning Toolkit. CTG Report (2013).
  • Opening Government’s Official Legal Materials: Authenticity and Integrity in the Digital World. CTG Report (2012).
  • Opening Gateways: A Practical Guide for Designing Information Access Programs. CTG Report (2012).

These publications are available at https://www.ctg.albany.edu/publications/.

The CTG Government Fellows Program engages distinguished public service professionals in partnerships designed to further CTG’s mission of fostering public sector innovation through our commitment to research practice partnerships. These professionals have expertise in government and deep knowledge about innovations in the use of information and information technology in the public sector. CTG Government Fellows collaborate with CTG teams on Center projects to generate new knowledge and to transfer that knowledge to CTG’s global network of partners and others through research and practice conferences, workshops, publications and the Web.