A new partnership provides new opportunities

June 6, 2017

CTG and ODE logos

The Center for Technology in Government’s Leadership Institute is complimenting its expertise and adding courses to its Seasonal Intensive portfolio through a new partnership with the Center for Open Data Enterprise (ODE), with a new course being offered July 11th in Albany.

CTG’s Seasonal Intensive program, part of the Leadership Institute, provides an opportunity for government officials and staff to participate in one or more courses focused around a single theme in an intensive, one-week session. The courses offered in the Seasonal Intensives, like all courses offered in the CTG Leadership Institute, provide participants with cutting edge insights about public sector innovation based on CTG’s more than twenty years of research and practice.

ODE, based in Washington DC, works with governments, businesses and nonprofits to help them develop open data strategies. Their mission is centered around maximizing the value of open government data as a public resource, by focusing on the data users themselves. This expertise, combined with CTG’s more than 20 years of working with governments worldwide as they innovate with new technology, provides an unmatched level of expertise for government officials looking to learn more or refresh their skills.

“CTG is pleased to partner with the Center for Open Data Enterprise to provide new educational opportunities to participants of the CTG Seasonal Intensive program,” says Donna Canestraro, Leadership Institute Program Director. “Their expertise and ours together creates a synergy that will undoubtedly benefit all participants.”

"The Center for Open Data Enterprise strongly believes in the value of open government data as a public resource and that policymakers, government officials, and other stakeholders need to understand the power of government data and how to apply it, says Laura Manley, Co-Founder of ODE and instructor for the July 11th course. "We're very pleased to partner with the Center for Technology in Government to help more decision-makers put open government data to use."

Beginning with a course on Open Data Policy & Management to be held on July 11th in Albany, CTG and ODE will work together to hold courses in both Albany and Washington. More classes will be added for the fall and spring. These co-led courses will be in addition to Seasonal Intensive courses CTG already offers.

The July 11th course offered as part of the partnership will provide participants with new knowledge about open data key principles and policies, how to identify high value data, and essential steps to developing a data program. Registration for the course, instructed by ODE co-founder Laura Manley, is now closed.