Meghan Cook to participate in, “Urban Enthusiasm for P3s Grows The Pipeline,” panel talk

June 13, 2018

The Center for Technology in Government at the University of Albany continues to be an integral part of the ongoing conversation about technology, policy, and transforming public services.

Program Director Meghan Cook will be part of the Inframation's 14th annual U.S. Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Infrastructure Forum.

Cook will be part of the panel discussion, “Urban Enthusiasm for P3s Grows The Pipeline,” on June 13 at The Hilton in Midtown, New York City.

Inframation is a, “provider of real-time actionable intelligence for the infrastructure community,” according to its website. Acuris, formerly Mergermarket Group, a media company that provides specialist news, research, analysis and data on financial markets is Inframation’s parent company.

The discussion on Wednesday afternoon is expected to focus on trends that could, potentially, transform municipal planning boards into partners, and managers of, public-private partnership projects. “Smart city” initiatives and stormwater management and utility infrastructure are expected to be talking points.

The panel will try to address questions such as:

  • What tech applications are investors pouring money into for “smart” infrastructure development?

  • How can developers and investors overcome local officials’ hesitance in fully utilizing cutting-edge smart city tech?

  • How are cities and municipalities utilizing the P3 model as it evolves for various public needs, such as stormwater management?

  • How can municipalities scale projects to attract top firms for critical infrastructure development?

Joining Cook on the panel are Chair, Andrej Micovic (Attorney, Bilzin Sumberg); Laureen Cook (Executive Adviser, Extelcon Consulting); Richard Fechner (Global Leader, Infrastructure Investment & Economics, GHD Advisory); Colin Peppard (Innovation Manager, LA Metro); and Steven Hamilton (Senior Manager, Engineering & Capital Projects, Deloitte).

Attendees of the forum include officials from over 20 different states, federal and regional transportation authorities. CEOs and CFOs from a number of private companies are also expected to attend the two-day conference.