Opening Gateways: A Practical Guide for Designing Information Access Programs

Theresa A. Pardo, Sharon S. Dawes , Anthony M. Cresswell, and Alan S. Kowlowitz (Editor)
April 18, 2012


Opening GatewaysThis Guide was originally published under the title of Opening Gateways: A Practical Guide for Designing Electronic Records Access Programs in 2000 and revised in 2002.

Technology has provided a broad array of tools and approaches to accessing information.

Users and stakeholders expect easy access and immediacy.

Combined with social and political environments that demand the public sector be more open and transparent, this access puts increased pressures on government to provide access to more and better information through readily accessible means.

This guide is designed to help government agencies develop affordable, manageable, and effective information access programs.

With technical and social environments changing, the planning processes facilitated here is more relevant than ever.

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