CTG facilitates strategic planning workshop in Tompkins County

Sept. 5, 2008

Tompkins County WorkshopDonna Canestraro, program manager (far left), with Tompkins County workshop attendees.

Anthony Cresswell, interim director of CTG, and Donna Canestraro, program manager, recently conducted a one day workshop with the Tompkins County Criminal Justice Data Sharing Initiative to assist in moving their data sharing initiative forward. The county hosted the workshop that was attended by the Tompkins County deputy commissioner, IT director, and sheriff, along with village police chiefs.

The workshop focused on creating public value, issues of integration, capability assessments, and the creation of an action plan to achieve their goals. Cresswell and Canestraro used several tools that were developed by the Center specifically for these purposes, tools such as Creating a Service Objective, Creating a Business Case, Modest, Moderate and Elaborate, and Assessing Capability. All of these tools are available on the Web site in CTG’s signature resources Making Smart IT Choices and Opening Gateways.